GhostPCLX is an Open Source application for OSX that reads Windows PRN files that are in PCL format. GhostPCLX uses a compiled GhostPCL from Artifex with URW Fonts to do the transformation of the PCL file into PDF format and then opens the resulting PDF in your default PDF viewer. GhostPCLX is written in AppleScript using Apples Xcode. This application is released under the GPL and in the unlikely event this application causes damage to your computer, files, kills your dog etc. please remember this is alpha software.


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Icon borrowed from Artifex


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GhostPCLX Version 0.1 Screenshot

ToDo & Bugs

  • Ummm Preferences :-D

ChangeLog and Source

  • Version 0.1
    • First Release
    • Uses GhostPCL 1.52
    • Uses URW Fonts 1.41
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